Monday, November 29, 2004

I wish he had tried to obtain character capitol, instead

The focus of my blog, originally, was not political. I mean, there are enough, and much better, pol blogs out there.
After all, what could one more blog, one more voice raised against the insane push of the Red, Right Wing Agenda do? Plus, like millions of others, I have a demanding job to go to everyday, bills to pay, people to see, things to do. I would have to fit blogging into a busy schedule..

And then I thought, --the people who lived in Fallajuh, well, they once had jobs to go to, bills to pay, homes to maintain. What homes do the people who fled that city now have? What happened to their jobs, their busy schedules? What is left of their families? How mindboggling it must be to go back to your city, your little section of this earth, only to find it reduced to piles of rubble. And if you wanted to try and clean up your little piece of this earth, well, you had better figure out how to get the animal ravaged, putrid, dead bodies out of the way, first.

Over 20,000 troops have been injured or killed in the Iraq war. For the over 1200 dead, their home is now a coffin in the ground. How will those maimed and in jured soldiers be able to work at a decent job, in order to maintain their homes? Their families? How can you brush your child's hair if your hands are blown off? Cut the grass? Make a bed? Wipe your bottom?

How unfair and unjust is this?

It is a necessary action, I decided, to add my voice to the millions of others who are against this injustice. To join in the movement to turn our ship around. To move it out of it's current Red, bloody waters, and into more peaceful blue ones. It is necessary to speak up.
The Bush presidency has many items on it's agenda. Many de-humanizing, rights destroying items all neatly lined up, with a plan to achieve each one. One ominous glance at the list looks like the Bush war agenda has Iran next up. Yet another poor desert country blown to bits. More American lives lost and shattered. All because the fellow with a missing Air National Guard record likes the way it sounds when he mouths the words WAR PRESIDENT.
The smile on his face , the way he beamed when he uttered those words. Yeah, he likes the sound of it. WAR PRESIDENT. Those are not words anyone should be proud of. The people in these pics would surely tell him so, if they could.
Warning. These pictures are graphic, and horrible...and real.