Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bits and pieces won't save your face

Just stuff the ballots with the party that you want, george, and announce the winner, today. Rig it. I'm serious. Just put into place the handpicked politicos that you will make sure get into place, anyway. The elections are only being held so that you can, as my Sicilian ex mother-in-law used to say, "save face."
While you attempt to save your face.."insurgents" are blowing anyone they can into bits. When our soldiers aren't being blown into bits by insurgents, they are blowing Iraqis into bits.
Seriously, let these people keep what remains of their limbs, their homes, their lives, and their loved ones, and just freakin announce the winner. NOW.

You have presented enough sacrificial lambs
to the GWB Freedom alter. You're going to strip them of their natural resources anyway. You already have what, 14 military bases established , and are enacting laws that will ensure the foreign control of the Iraqi people's oil for years.
So why have anyone else die for a sham? Why? Just do what you are going to do, anyway. Don't make anyone else be blown into bits and pieces, in order to keep a face on your lie.
And stop making the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed pay for their meals, too!


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