Monday, January 31, 2005

Bush's Yeehaw has a hollow ring

Confusion surrounds Iraqi poll turnout Did you know that there were 7700 candidates? And that no information was given to the Iraqi citizens on the candidates until two days before the elections? And that that info was given on websites? Hollow Election held on Bloody Day

I had to squelch a "oh, look the Iraqis are voting and they look so happy " post I saw recently. The number of people who voted and the happy Iraqi voters just weren't adding up for me. Something was off.
Up until 1/30/05, American soldiers were going door to door, invading homes, and engaging in gun battles while throwing "VOTE" flyers in the wind as they pulled out. Some of them were killed while trying to urge Iraqi's to vote.
The 72% turnout number seemed bizarre. People were blown up on a steady basis since the US began it's Roll out the Vote campaign. Attacks on polling places averaged 22 a month. No, something was not right here, in the American and even the BBC news reports. Current reports have now decreased the 72% to 60 %, in just one day. 60% is supposed to equal 8 million registered voters. Before I even go into the confusing number of 60% of Iraqi registered voters equaling 8 million people, here are a few other facts that bother me about this election.

--First of all, did we begin a preemptive war in Iraq in order to give freedom? to the Iraqi's? I thought we went there because Hussein had WMD's that were going to blow us all to bits? I thought that is why thousands of people were killed and wounded, in order to find WMD's? How did that get turned into speading freedom and democracy and elections? Strike One.

--Entire cities in Iraq did note vote. No-one in Samarra voted. Polls were closed in Fallujah, and several other cities. Fallujah is roughly the size of Miami..The residents were too afraid to leave their homes to vote. Strike Two

--Iraqis who did vote may have been under the impression that the vote meant that US troops would begin to pull out. Listen Here I had read that in several places before this site posted their broadcast. Since no-one knew who they were voting for, it is safe to assume that they did not know what they were voting for, either. If they voted because they thought they were voting for an Iraq free of US soldiers and outside influence, see strike five. Strike Three

-- Many just voted for food....this is disturbing, and I have read various reports stating the same thing.. Strike Four

-----What I found to be truly disturbing, is, "Certain parties and individuals have also been funded by the US. The International Republican Institute, an organization linked to the US Republican party, has been funding certain groups in their campaigning, giving a massive advantage. It is also believed to be organizing the exit polls. It orchestrated, among other things, the coup in Venezuela." Considering the fact that a high turnout, especially in Sunni areas, would enhance the legitimacy of a 275-member parliament, which will then choose Iraq's leaders and write a new constitution.....then I wonder what type of constitution the Republicans will write for the Iraqi's? Strike Five

And the carnage continues. Three Marines Killed , and two wounded, 1/31/05 And were these soldiers votes counted in the 2004 Presidential elections? Strike Six

Everyone who is simple minded enough to cluck about the happy Iraqi's voting should do a little research. Tentative reports state that 8 million Iraqi's voted. The reports state that 8 million is 60 % of the people who are registered to vote in Iraq. The current Iraqi population is 25,374, 691. 56% of the population is between the ages of 15-64. 3% is over 65. Being very generous, we will include all of those people into a 59% count, including the 15-18 year olds who cannot vote, and every person over the age of 65, as well as those who have mental illnesses, are in jail, and other conditions that preclude them from voting. That gives a total of 14,971,067. Sixty per cent of that is 8, 982,640.

How could 8 million people be given as the figure for 60% of Iraqi people registered to vote? Did they mean that 60% of the population who were of age to vote, voted? Because that is the only way that figure of 8 million can actually be interpreted. Not as sixty per cent of registered voters, but as sixty per cent of the population who were possibly of an age to be able to vote, and thus were tagged as registered voters.. 5,988, 427 then, did not cast a vote. If the expat vote was counted in with the 8 million "registered voters," then that throws the figures of people in Iraq, who actually voted, way off. It may it bring it down to, half of the people who were of voting age, voted, and half did not.

the Republicans monitoring the exit polls need to straighten out their numbers...and I am so sure that they will.....

Is it too confusing to try and sift through these poll numbers? I agree, it is. Here is the Iraqi vote translated, by an Iraqi.

The elections could have waited, and then the Iraqi citizens may have been able to truly and happily participate in an election that they fought to have held. And I would have been happy to see that, not that what I think, matters.This election, though, was a sham, put on, for, and by, the Bush administration, to further thier goals of generational, profitmaking wars. The Iraqi's were used, once again. Thier blood meant nothing to Bush. They are mearly a means to an end.


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