Monday, January 31, 2005

Buster gets busted from visiting two Moms, but FEMA can have a "little ones" tsunami game and a graphic 911 slideshow....

Get your Outrage On--
"The mission of PBS' Postcards from Buster is to reflect all of America's children. Unfortunately Wayne Godwin, chief operating officer of PBS, is looking at America through a cracked mirror.
In his world -- and in the world of cultural conservatives -- there are no children of gay and lesbian parents. The best way to deal with reality is to deny it.
At least that's the message sent by PB'’ decision not to distribute to more than 300 PBS stations an episode of Postcards From Buster that includes children of a lesbian couple in Vermont.
'The presence of a couple headed by two mothers would not be appropriate curricular purpose that PBS should provide," said Godwin,
according to The New York Times". Read more here

I like this approach to PBS' bullying of the Buster's visits"The best thing for liberal progressive feminists to do is to pull their funding from PBS. I cancelled my membership and encourage other people to do the same and to let their management know why."
Spongebob, Buster visiting two lesbian moms , Barney, Purple tinkiwinkis, they are all far more dangerous to preschoolers and toddlers than the tsunami game? Than the graphic 911 slide show on the government's "Fema Zine" site, the site chock full of natural disasters for four year olds?

I will be writing a letter... Go HERE to tell PBS your opinion
Red states are making me see Red
We are whirling back through time faster than Dorothy in a tornado, Auntie Em, you can find me at the Emerald City--Ireland----


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