Thursday, January 13, 2005

Eight more days--the countdown to the Unaugeral

Eight more to go. Check out the ways in which you can add your voice to the Unaugeral, just give a click here.
And for a more local and personal way to protest, check out
"Not One Damn Dime Day."
I don't know if the No Dime Day would be effective, though.
More effective, I think, would be to stay home from Church, and tell your religious leaders why you're home and not at their bogus service. Or go and drop a protest letter in the change box, or in the money peddling basket that is pushed around during the Sunday service.
And send an email or letter to your elected official and tell them why you won't contribute to their campaign.
Or to the gas and oil conglomerates and spell out why your refuse to buy their has. Just staying home? Nah, ride on a bus to DC, instead.


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