Friday, January 21, 2005

If you enlarge these pics, you will get a better idea of just how many people marched yesterday. Their ages were diverse. Half had to be over 40. People came in buses from all over America.

In addition to the overkill of police and military personnel, helicopters kept circling around the marchers. So, they spent how much money to protect George Bush from what? From the slew of moms over 50? From the injured Vietnam vets? From the congregations of church people bussed in from Ohio, Maine..?

Our tax dollars were spent to guard him against grandmom, aunt medbh, cousin Heather, and college students. Lots of very creative college students, actually. The signs and outfits were great. The people were peaceful. The intimidation did not work. Although I am sure that Kent was on the minds of those who could remember it.


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