Wednesday, January 19, 2005

from the rice a roni report--the Outposts of Tyranny, or, the axis of evil redo x 2

and, if two years from now, after we've bombed the crap out of Iran, will the rice-a-roni Tyrannical Outposts have squared, doubled, or just grown by a third? 1000 Bremer dinars to the person who answers that ? correctly.


Hey, why leave out South America? Surely the reign man and Condi could find a country on that continent that is in need of "democracy" and a little bloody freedom. From the BBC
And it gets better "Ms Rice acknowledged that some bad decisions had been made over Iraq, but said history would judge the overall outcome."
yet more, "the US had to look at the “totality of the issue”, referring to the issues of terrorism and human rights." gag me with a spoon....
but, it isn't all doom and gloom and the globalization of war, why no. just in from yahoo is "Democrats to Delay Rice Confirmation Vote " so, are they maybe going to stop her appointment? no, she just won't be able to proudly proclaim her victory at the coronation ball. It's on hold for a whole darn week thanks to all but the 2 Democrats who said that they don't digest rice very well. Who cares about their digestive difficulties, Dems rock, and go Phillies, or eagles, whatever!!!
I wonder how the Iranian currency is trading these days? North Korea's?


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