Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Hero's Greeting--Police in GA. wait at the airport for soldiers returning from Iraq.

The Hero's greeting
For Herold Noel and other returning service men and women who managed to make it back to US soil, their homecoming reception wasn't quite the stuff we see on the phews channels. Cops in GA were waiting at the airport, tickets in hand. Pay up soldier, or spend some time in a US jail. Unbelievable?? Not everyone's world is as flag waving pretty as the bush ballers.

Veteran's groups are aware of this
hidden side of the war. The story above, and other deeply disturbing articles made the phews radar bleep around thanksgiving, when a few sources noted that their were over 100,000 homeless Iraq vets. Silence has been the order since then, though.

Iraq Veterans Against the War is a small organization that is actively trying to reach the vets who come home, not to flags waving and yellow ribbons, but to PTSD that renders them incapable of working, to non-existent housing options, and non existent counseling options. We can thank Bush for his refusal to increase funding for vets resources. No armour overseas, and no help here either. IVAW is trying to reach out to these returning vets, and connect them to resources before the effects of this war takes it's worst toll. But it is very dificult.

What IVAW needs right now is of course, cash. Cash to keep the organization afloat, and to enable the IVAW to continue thier mission. How many homeless Iraq vets are wandering around this country? How much money is being spent on thier immediate needs, as opposed to what is being wasted on Bush's balls?
What else the IVAW needs is contacts. IVAW consists of
Vets who are passionate about stopping the war, and about informing the American public on the atrocities being committed in our name. To that end, if you have a church, college civic club, any organization that would want to welcome the Iraq War vets, and hear them speak, or if you want to hold a fundraiser, please contact the regional representative listed at IVAW.

Write letters to your newspapers regarding the deplorable treatment that our vets are receiving. Contact your representatives and demand that funding for housing and counseling be put into place. DO all that you can to stop the Iraq War. I will have a page up soon where you can just cut and paste letters of protest.
It is too late for
this young man, and his victims, but we can extend a bridge to others, in order to prevent more tragedy.


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