Saturday, January 29, 2005

Intolerance? Rigidity? Blind faith? Embracing violence as a solution? Or, why is the principal sleeping with Ole Thunder between his legs?

In trying to understand the mindset that would condone a brutal war waged against a country that did not attack us, that would embrace prostitot fashions, while clamoring for abstinence only sex education, that would cry for Christian values, while condoning war, and prejudice towards those who have a different lifestyle, these entries give a clue. Violence, Jesus, sex, and the terror that makes you afraid to adopt a view different from your abusers, are all mixed up not so neatly together in the spanking system allowed in many southern states.
from JG and
1/12/05 A former student at the School of Excellence in Education is suing the charter school, alleging that an administrator used excessive force by disciplining her with a 4-foot-long wooden paddle known as "Ole Thunder." According to the suit, Wilkinson summoned Serafin to the principal's office on June 18, restrained her with the help of two employees, and struck her repeatedly on her bottom, hip and leg

---I had been late three times to school and was sent to the referral center, where I had to explain myself to a male administrative assistant. The teacher who sent me told me that I would be given a choice of three "swats" or three days suspension....I knew from other students that they make you spread your legs and lie flat on a desk for the paddling. ---

Of all the House of Prayer brides, April Nichols best remembers the two sisters. One was age 14, the other 15, and they were surrounded by family, all dressed in their Sunday best..... The House of Prayer church in Atlanta, embattled over its use of corporal punishment on children, was sending young girls to Alabama's border county east of Anniston to take advantage of this state's more lenient marriage laws. Its pastor, Arthur Allen Jr., told reporters that he wanted to prevent girls from having premarital sex. Georgia requires brides and grooms to be at least 16, unless the bride is pregnant, in which case all age requirements are waived. But in Alabama, girls and boys can marry at age 14 as long as their parents agree.

---At the time, no one anticipated that the political capital of faith-based social programs would rise dramatically in the next decade, or that Roloff's beliefs, which were far afield of the religious mainstream, would gain a new foothold. But in 1997 then-governor George W. Bush put forth a legislative package that included precisely what Roloff had long fought for: allowing church-run child-care institutions to opt out of state licensing. By 1999 the Rebekah Home was back in business-and the stories of DeAnne Dawsey's troubled adolescence, Lester Roloff's crusade, and George W. Bush's political career would converge.

The conservative Red state mindset, which is adopted by those who live in both blue and red states, has a definite connection with the lowest chakra, or Red chakra. It is all about, fear, agression, and survival. More on the red state and red chakra connection, here It is very interesting to me, at least, how the colors of this year's politcal divide reflect the energies of those same colors, of our various chakras.


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