Monday, January 17, 2005

It's all about the alpha penis

I've read this story in several places, they were all credible sites, so I have to assume it is accurate, cause it's too darn disgusting to have to spend any more time verifying it.

From the Village Voice
" We have made a disaster in Iraq. We cannot escape from all of its consequences. But the human consequences of staying—the Iraqi civilians we will kill, the young American men and women alive this minute who will die or be maimed in body or mind—are worse than the political consequences of withdrawing. In any case, the political consequences are notional, as weighed against the certainty of death, suffering, and grief. In our own eyes, our prestige diminished after we withdrew from Vietnam, but our international position was not weakened. Asked for the hundredth time why we were in Vietnam, Lyndon Johnson, according to Arthur Goldberg, his U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, "unzipped his fly, drew out his substantial organ, and declared, 'This is why!'" In Iraq as in Vietnam, at risk is not America's prestige but the President's. No one should have to die to save George W. Bush's face."
N one should have to die to save what he keeps trying to prove is his alpha penis, either. We don't care if it' s bigger than Lyndons' or not, we don't wanna know. Tell it to Pickles, leave us alone already!!!!!
Impeach Him


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