Saturday, January 15, 2005

must be baby Graner's Southern Grandpa.....

From the twisted genealogy tree of Graner?
Some wood that's been sawed once too often; Sheriff Mac from Alabama

"In the Civil War my great-grandfather was in charge of keeping Yankees out of Miami."

"People view the sheriff a little differently than they do other elected officials," Holcomb says. "For instance, the district attorney, the circuit clerk, the judges, all have jobs to do and folks don't really expect these folks to be at events. But they do expect the sheriff to be there. When you're not, they're disappointed."
source (medbh to sheriff, are you saying that you don't have a real job, one where you actually have to work for your salary?)

"But he said Holcomb, a former marine whose office features pictures of Pusser, is firm with prisoners .."
source --Baby Graner, pay attention...

Some of the best bore holes..
"I was raised in era, the 1940's as a child and the 1950's as a teenager" (medbh to Mac...Do you mean that you were raised in error? And, unless you can time warp, then yes, sheriff, you would have been a teen in the 50's, if you were a child in the 40's........freeper...) source below

"Men were men and women were women and there was no mistaking which was which. Both were proud of their individual roles. Homosexuality was very queer and a despicable act… an abomination. " From
the Guntersville, Alabama, Sheriff's website

pay attention to gramps' words of wisdom, baby Graner. Perhaps one day you will be able to expand on them, in order to provide some
"dark humor" for yourself and your co workers.

And always remember, little one,
the christian inside of you..


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