Friday, January 28, 2005

The No Child Left Behind Act has a provision in it where your child's personal information is automatically given to any recruitment center..

I just came in from the informal presentation given by a member of the Iraq Vets against the War. The presentation was given at the little Collingswood, NJ, library. That library was overflowing with people.

The statement in the title of this post is just one of many things that I heard tonight. In fact, I heard too many to be able to post on them. Too many. It is worse than I thought, and I am a total pessimist about this war of freedom--as if you couldn't tell--

The presenter was Pat Resta. He joined slightly after high school, served his time, enlisted in the National Guard for the tuition money, was in college when 911 occurred, and was called to active duty one month after 911. He just came back from Iraq. He was a medic there. He is 26 years old. He did not give accounts of his service that related to his job as a medic.

What he said tonight was as gruesome as horrorific war injuries. I need some time to sort it out in my mind, and decide on a course of action. A few things that stand out are:
1) The No Child Left Behind Act includes a provision where your child's personal information can be given to any recruitment center.

2) That there is now a law in place that, if you apply for a Pell Grant, or a student loan,or any type of tuition aid, that your personal information is automatically given to the Selective Service. If you refuse to have it given to the Selective Service, then you are denied the loan/grant.

3) The young man was a medic with the Army National Guard. He was recruited at the age of 17, had served his "time" and was in college when 911 happened. He was called into active service, and was sent to Fort Jackson with other NG's. The army had the men guard Fort Jackson with guns that had no bullets.....The soldiers who guarded the airports after 911, did not have bullets in their guns. It was all for show. If they did have to defend themselves, the airports, etc., from terrorists, well, they could fist fight them, try hitting them with the rifle, or run. Running away is what the current Iraqi police do when an insurgent slash terrorist confronts them..

4) The lack of armor, and protective vests is very real. He had to take out a loan for $1,500 before he was sent to Iraq last year, in order to have a bullet proof vest. While riding in the unarmored humvees, he sat on it. He betted on the idea that the most danger would come from riding over IED's that would explode under the un armored jeep, igniting the unprotected fuel tanks. ..
5) When he was called up one month after 911,-- one month--the military was already planning the invasion of Iraq.
6) That he was somehow involved in guarding, or at, the oil fields in Iraq--have to check my notes, but, basically, that we are in this war for the oil.
7) That a draft is imminent. When he was first sent to Fort Jackson, he met a 57 year old grandmother who was retired, but who they called up. She was in a foxhole with a gun...When he was first deployed, to Iraq, the National Guardsmen were not in the physical condition to be sent to war. Two that he knew, had heart attacks the first month, and one, who had a 30% disability due to a bad back, had to be sent home the first month.

The list goes on, and on. I was horrified. There is no reason not to believe what this 26 year old man is saying. He is medium height, very honest, very matter of fact, earnest and intelligent. --after thinking awhile about what other words could be used to describe him as he spoke, compassionate intensity came to mind. He cares deeply about thses issues, and has the strength to act on his beliefs.--- His name is Pat Resta. You can find articles that he wrote at, here , and his photos, here , and at , here.
Please read them. Mr. Resta explains his position, and his reasons for speaking out against this war, and his experiences in it, extensively, and much better than I can.

He also said that he emailed the numerous pics of the unarmored humvees etc., to all of the major papers, and not one ever responded to him.

and that he is not entitled to any of the tuition money that originally made him sign up. Why? Because you have to attend school during the two years that would have been your active service. If you are called to active duty instead, the money is forfeited. yes, he should have read the fine print, but, did you read the fine print, when you were 17?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patrick Resta's comments and photos on the war can be found at

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Blogger PaxRomano said...

This is an outrage!

Why hasn't the "liberal media" reported this?

Was the media at this event last night?

This is just like Vietnam all over again. Damn this country and it's short attention span. DAMN THIS FUCK-HEAD of a president.

10:56 AM  
Blogger Medbh said...

I fixed the link, thanks for pointing that out, it is, not left

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Blogger seavu7 said...

Here are a few links leading to additional information on the recruitment provision of the No Child Left Behind Act for anyone who is interested. The first links to a brief story in Mother Jones that explains in simple language the terms and implications of the provision. The second is to The American Friends Service Committee, which will lead you to an "Opt Out" tool kit and other helpful information on countering the presence of recruiters in schools.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Medbh said...

thanks! I will be spreading this info around

2:12 PM  

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