Monday, January 24, 2005

No, Mrs. Sheehan, he is not going to meet with you, nor with any other bereaved parents of dead soldiers. In fact, he thinks that he has found a way out of having to sign those depressing condolence letters, and, of having to come up with those armored Humvees. He has killer robots at the ready, at his beck and call, and they cost even less than that $12,000 death benefit paid to a soldier's family.

Uhmm, Bush & Co., we party like the Donald, and we kill like Kuma War.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are so unbelievably brainwashed

8:30 PM  
Blogger Medbh said...

brainwashed? Hmm, now how would that be? Because I do not support war, because I think that a parent's grief should be acknowledged? Because I especially do not support sending the "power of freedom" into countries that we have no business going into? Because 40 million was just spent on a party for the president and his friends, while he prepares to ask for 80 billion more dollars to continue a pre-emptive war? That perhaps negotiating for peace and human rights in Iraq while UN troops, instead of US troops, oversee elections and the rebuilding of Iraq? That the Geneva convention was put into place for a reason?
Actually, it is quite difficult to swallow what the media presents as facts.
And what I will never be brainwashed into is the type of thinking that blindly follows whatever our current administration states is the real truth. George is not god, there are other ways besides force to achieve goals, and perhaps you should check out what companies are making the most profits from this war in Iraq. And of who will profit from future wars. American citizens won't.
You must like playing with killing toys. I find them repulsive.

9:28 PM  
Blogger PaxRomano said...

830=Republican voting, bible reading, Fox News watching zombie!

Medbh, you are ANYTHING but brainwashed!!!

7:28 AM  
Blogger Medbh said...

thanks, I had so many men shove camera cells and cam corders in my face on 1/20,I figure one of them may have been the a poster. Either that, or one of the Texas newspapers I sent my Texas in DC story to tracked me down :))

8:55 PM  

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