Sunday, January 16, 2005

Oh, just....

The interview on On Air Force 1

"On a complicated matter such as removing a dictator from power and trying to help achieve democracy, sometimes the unexpected will happen, both good and bad," he said. "I am realistic about how quickly a society that has been dominated by a tyrant can become a democracy. . . . I am more patient than some." he is clueless. maybe, if you had reviewed the situation in Iraq a bit more thoroughly than you did Kerik and the Kid Rock invite.....and dim on this for a bit,...... how quickly a democracy can be dominated by a tyrant.....

"A new report released last week by U.S. intelligence agencies warned that the war in Iraq has created a training ground for terrorists. Bush called the report "somewhat speculative" but acknowledged "this could happen. And I agree. If we are not diligent and firm, there will be parts of the world that become pockets for terrorists to find safe haven and to train. And we have a duty to disrupt that." diligent firm pockets. either he is talking about Dick, Don, or Syria. Oh, and America and the rest of the world thank you for adding so many more terrorists to the cause. and one more little nib, you'll find thousands of new ones in Iraq...

"He also warned that the ceremony could make the city "an attractive target for terrorists." "By providing security, hopefully that will provide comfort to people who are coming from all around the country to come and stay in the hotels in Washington and to be able to watch the different festivities in Washington, and eat the food in Washington," Bush said. " A--the trippy terrorist comment will not stop the demonstrators, and B--for the fucks who are paying a mil a piece to share in your celebration, let them use their own blood money for security, including any medieval type food tasters, not the taxpayer's money

"Bush acknowledged that "some of the decisions I've made up to now have affected our standing in parts of the world," but predicted that most Muslims will eventually see America as a beacon of freedom and democracy. " Would that beacon be the light bulb hanging from the prison cell ceiling? what does he mean by "most Muslims?" And, mr. supreme clueless, it isn't just those of the Muslim faith who find your actions and your words reprehensible.

On the election Bush said he was puzzled that he received only about 11 percent of the black vote, according to exit polls, about a 2 percentage point increase over his 2000 total. clueless. dim on it a bit longer and you might come up with a few reasons.. "I did my best to reach out, and I will continue to do so as the president," Bush said. "It's important for people to know that I'm the president of everybody." Only in your mind, reign man, only in your mind

On the domestic front, Bush said he would not lobby the Senate to pass a constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage. How does it feel to eat crawford cattle dung, ye clueless xians ?

Bush said it is premature to judge how many U.S. men and women will be needed to defeat the insurgency and plant a new and sustainable government. He also declined to pledge to significantly reduce U.S. troop levels before the end of his second term in January 2009. Bush/Cheney 2004, Draft 2005

President Bush said the public's decision to reelect him was a ratification of his approach toward Iraq and that there was no reason to hold any administration officials accountable for mistakes or misjudgments in prewar planning or managing the violent aftermath. Dream on.... Your Bethel Boys' Academy tuition has been paid in full

An older gem
from the BBC....."Pres Bush "In a democracy, everything is not perfect - mistakes are made, but those mistakes are investigated...
"Pimp of the Nation, I could be it."


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