Sunday, January 30, 2005

SJ Courier Post calls Iraq War vet, bitter.

So, I was still upset over the article that the South Jersey Courier Post ran on Pat Resta's presentation at a local library Friday night.
The online version actually appears better than the print version, which was located at the bottom of the first page of the SJ section, and continued on the obits page. An odd head shot photo accompanied the article, and it was titled "Former U.S. soldier protests war in Iraq."
While info on the Iraq Vets Against the War is given, I felt the way in which the article presented Pat Resta, belittled him and what he is trying to accomplish. Note that he is called a "Former US Soldier" what, the Courier is not going to laud him with acclaim as a returning war hero? Protest is used here to try and classify him as yet another malcontent, like the other "protestors" who interrupted the inaugural. Protest is used in the negative. Nothing is mentioned of what was the crux of his talk, and what took up the two hours. Nothing except for the $1500 loan he took out for body armor.
W/o being there Fri. nite, a casual reader would not be able to see the intent, the compassion, the thoughtfulness, the honesty and maturity of the young man who spoke last Friday. The Courier's article compromised that. And failed to relay some very important information that was relevant to everyone who is paying for this war.
So, Medbh wrote the Courier a letter.
To see it, go here.
I've started a collection of letters to editors that I have been writing.


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