Sunday, January 16, 2005

SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN..Circumcision Attempt - Father sentenced to three years

I was going to post about the idiot who thinks he has the face of christ on his oyster shell, but this story...yet another home-school horror. And I thought having to bend over in front of your class, and having a nun beat your eight year-old ass while everyone looked at your panties was bad.
Nope, the xians win the child cruelty awards.
FEEL THE LOVE praise the lord

"Ridgefield father Edwin B. Baxter asked God for mercy and a judge for understanding Wednesday as he faced sentencing for an attempted circumcision on his 8-year-old. "

"Baxter and his 30-year-old wife have nine children in their two-bedroom home. His wife, Tammy, is pregnant and due in February. "

"Edwin is not a criminal," James Helser wrote. "He is guilty of using some extremely poor judgment and taking an action which he naively saw as a form of devotion and consecration to God. Edwin has already stated he has learned his lesson and would never again consider such a radical action. What he needs is some outpatient counseling, not incarceration."

Why not just circumcise your own dick?
home schooling should be illegal.


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