Sunday, January 16, 2005

A Sunday missive from one of Jesus' General's lay commentors

Suffer the children to come unto Me
Suffer the children: A, B & C
Suffer the innocent, the lame & the sick
Suffer George Bush and His Man?Wife? named Dick

Suffer Iraqis who stray from the fold
Suffer them all, the young and the old
Bomb them and shoot them and torture them too
Blame them and shame them, it's the least you can do
Yahweh and Allah and Jesus and George
Together united, a new team is forged
Marching to heaven where all will be well
The earth left below, it sure looks like hell

Suffer the children to come unto Me
Whip them and scorn them, ignore all their pleas
Poison the water and blacken the air
Set aside white ones, so comely and fair

Come watch the lightining! The sky is on fire!
The rockets! The missiles! Your heart's desire!
Come all ye little ones, and watch in the street
The cluster bombs dancing, the schrapnel a treat!

Suffer the children, your fears I shall quell
Unless you are brown ones who'll all burn in hell
Now Jesus is busy, Shabat and Shazam!
Don't make me put God in Godless Goddamn!

courtesy of one of Jesus' General Lay commentors
edited by Mebdh. The original text can be found at the above link


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