Friday, January 21, 2005

thanks to everyone who wished me well. I am back, it is late, I haven't thawed out yet, and need to get some sleep. There were thousands of people protesting in DC today. Thousands. I heard a report that "protestors clashed with the police. Not true, at least not initially. A few hours into the protest, the young repuglicans started with the young anarchists, and well...The amazing part is that the few news reports I read, said that the protestors clashed with the police. NOT TRUE. Once the young and the divided shout off match started, the mounted dudes in black charged in, ---removed the young pugs, and then gassed the young protestors. Saw some amazing things today. Saw many heartbreaking sights. The old protestors, the Vietnam vets, some hobbling along in walkers and on canes from thier injuries, some very obviously still scarred, what 30 years later? They are trying their best to stop this war. Amazing insights today into GWB's base--They were there in force. And Pink medbh reallyyy upset a few of them. Peacefully, of course. WHAT DO WE WANT? PEACE! WHEN DO WE WANT IT ? NOW! WHAT DOES A DEMOCRACY LOOK LIKE! THIS IS WHAT A DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!..and...on a protestor's sign--"jesus hates george bush..Luke 7::16" protests can be so cathartic...good night..


Blogger Zelda Parker said...

Let me join those who praise you for your efforts yesterday. I respect you for standing for what you believe! You 've heard the expression "stand for something or fall for anything." (Anyone know whose quote that is?)Go Medbh!

9:07 AM  
Blogger Medbh said...

why thank you, Zelda. Now put on some pink and chant with me "What does a democracy look like? This is what a democracy looks like!" Or how about "Champagne is flying while soldiers are dying." I especially liked this one: "George Bush, we know you, You're a thief and liar and a killer, too!" And, I think the college kids made this one up "one, two, three, four, we don't want your racist war!" It was a good one though. peacre

9:03 PM  

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