Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Umm, Sir, none of the Chinese terrorists are, um, terrorists

But they are illegal aliens, Sir. You see, sir it appears that the group who smuggled them into America, they might have been stiffed by the Chinese, so one of the new bad guys, the smugglers, he called in that terrorist tip, just to get even with them.

I am of course, relieved that the alleged terrorists are not terrorists at all, but merely more people trying to escape to America. That is, if they were ever considered terrorists at all by the FBI. I have a very strong suspicion that our intelligence is not that vapid. That Paris Hilton really isn't a few IQ points above the best and the brightest of them. No, I think that it was known from the time of the phoned in tip, that it was a false threat.

After all, didn't the voice that made the allegation have a strong Mexican accent? And he's calling about Chinese terrorists?? I mean, who wouldn't put 2 and 2 together and think smuggling. No, this newest threat, which, if you lived in and around Boston, must have been frightening to live through, was yet more propaganda by our government. More FEAR, FEAR, FEAR.
Be afraid America, be afraid of the terrorists! Halliburton hasn't racked up enough of a profit yet to support Dick Cheney's retirement benefits. We need to keep this war going. This war on terror........
THEY DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT 911, THEY HAVEN'T FOUND OBL, billions have been spent in Iraq, and now the Carlye group is manufacturing little killer robots. Wonder how much those little Chuckie robots will cost us?

More people suffer and die in Iraq, and now another American civilian is on tv, pleading for his life.. Go to CODEPINK, join the effort to have him indicted. By the corporation and for the corporation has to go.
George Bush and company really think that we are stupid.


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