Friday, January 14, 2005

Virgin--ia, state of Del. Cosgrove, Ali G rodeo riots, criminal miscarriages, Jerry Foulwail's cult, and this..

Praise to the lord, little muslim child whose parents were swept beneath a wall of water while trying to save you. Don't you know it was the wrath of the LORD JESUS, not the wrath of ALLAH that caused this flood?
You, know if you don't start believing the reicht literature, we may have to use the staff of Moses, not the krap of the Koran, to help your eyes see the lite,...and the homeless , orphaned, little child says, "whatever."..

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An evangelical Christian charity has dropped plans to settle 50 Muslim children orphaned by the Asian tsunami in a Christian-run home after the Indonesian government blocked the move, the group said on Thursday.
......."Members of the group "will travel to the country of India, where God is overcoming hundreds of years of false religions and idol worship," a message on the Web site said...blahblahblah....

Virginny, making it's play for Loon State runner-up status...

And here is the goddess damned


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