Saturday, January 29, 2005

Vote or Die, Part II

From Reuters
In Armored Vehicles, U.S. Troops Tell Iraqis to Vote

-----"A rumbling column of U.S. Bradley fighting vehicles grinds to a stop in a rebellious Iraqi neighborhood of scarred houses and mud streets.
Heavily-armed troops jump out and begin searching homes as loudspeakers blast in Arabic: "On Sunday you should go out to vote. Vote to give freedom to Iraq. Vote to save Iraq." A soldier hands out fliers to a group of untidy children............
..............Suddenly, the whistle of a grenade pierces the air and a loud explosion shakes the ground. The soldiers fire back before returning to their armored vehicles and the convoy speeds away."------------

----While the violence escalates, hundreds of Iraqi Police uniforms are missing---
----And the Iraqi President says that most Iraqis won't vote...----

THE IRONY OF THIS IS.........These soldiers are risking their lives to protect and encourage the Iraqi vote. Pat Resta relayed last night, that his, and other soldier's votes in the November Presidential elections were never counted..mail delay it seems....


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