Thursday, January 13, 2005

Ward, come upstairs and talk to The Beaver.----June Cleaver

The evils of television, even then...
Was it any surprise that Kid Rock said yes when the head of the upcoming Bush Balls asked him to "come to DC and sing to the twin Bushes?" He is a product of a TV generation. Did he appreciate the innuendo? Did June's subliminal messages, once lost among the ravaged brain cells, flicker on at the sound of the invite? Did he start to feel all warm and fuzzy, and beer belch out a yes?
Medbh is musing..
Was the Kid Rock choice due only to the incredible stupidity of the "morans" who asked the misogynist crooner of "Cadillac Pussy to sing at the xian first daughters ball?

Or, did the twins think that they were pulling a little joke on mams and big daddy when they requested that the Kid preside over their Ball?
Were they going to place delicate hand over delicate mouth and utter a few delicate giggles while Kid Rock raged "Pimp of the Nation, I could be it. As a matter of a fact, I for see it. But only pimpin hoes with the big tush. While you be left pimpin Barbra Bush."

I know that I posted on this already, but....what credence both the choice of Kid Rock, as well as Kerik, gives to the STUPID label bloggers paste on Bush's forehead. To the chimp comparisons. To Reign Man.

I have to enter four pass words just to get into work email, that no-one wants to see.
What are the staff in DC using as security and reality checks? If you sport the STUPID label and cowboy boots, then y'all are welcome?


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