Saturday, February 19, 2005

Blogger is bugging again and the GODVERNMENT OF 2005!

Just a quick note, as blogger is bugging on me again, I am leaving in a few hours, for three weeks, to Central America, and I have been unable to post on several issues that need your support. I am going to try and post just the links.
A big one is of course, the ongoing war in Iraq, and the fact that Bush requests more money for a continual war, while he slashes veteran's benefits, and bathes Halliburton, et al in our American dollars. His priorities are so disgusting, it is well, disgusting.

and here, is another very important subject on a battle on the west coast, to have the words Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgendered, put back into the name of a conference for Suicide prone LGBT teens.
The BUSH administration is forcing the organizers of the conference to take out LGBT. They are using the same tactic that was used on NPR re the Buster episode--WHO is funding you, the government, or in 2005--the GODVERNMENT!!!

What I found especially appalling was this:
"Studies show that LGBT suicide rates are three times higher than the national norm, with suicides among teens the highest.
But the name change was not the only thing the Administration called for. It also wanted a session on faith-based suicide prevention."

more from the article

"We find this behavior on the part of our government intolerable," Bloodworth wrote in an e-mail to colleagues that called for the government to "end this shameful marginalization of an already marginalized at-risk population." The pressure on conference organizers by the Administration was slammed by gay rights advocates.
"It is unconscionable for politics to get into the way of life and death health care gay LGBT young people," Human Rights Campaign spokesperson Steven Fisher told"

It is unconsciousable that our GODVERNMENT would hinder help for LGBT teens. Maybe if Jeff Gannon/Duckert had some counseling as a teen, he wouldn't have turned out so f*ed up at 40.

Yes, fight back, and if you haven't been to Pax Romano's blog, go there, and check out the Canadian Prime Minister's speech on their Civil Marriage Act.
got to go!


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Thanks for the notice Medbh. Blogger has been very antsy of late.

Have a ball on your vacation.

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