Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A caption for this pic could read :
JB- Mmmm, what did that abstinence teacher say about hooking up? Neck Nuzzler--Just say no---to abstinence.

How cruel it is to push abstinence only, no birth control, and no abortions to America’s youth. As George and Laura’s daughter so obviously illustrates, sex is here to stay.

How cruel it is of them to send that triple message out to America's youth. As illustrated above, young people are just learning how to define their limits. Their sexual limits, their alcohol limits, and their drug limits. It is usually only after a few head banging hangovers, that we learn what our alcohol limits are. And after a night of unprotected sex, it is the worry and fear that gives us the courage to insist on a condom next time around.

How tragic if one night we drink too much, have unprotected sex, and wind up pregnant. Or with AIDS, or gonorrhea, or herpes. In George Bush’s reich wing world, there won’t be a chance to rectify a bad situation through emergency contraceptives. Abortion will not be an option. And without basic sex education, how will people who WILL have sex, no matter what the abstinence teacher preaches….acquire the knowledge to make decisions about what their sexual limits are?

What a great opportunity open communication about sex would be for young people to discuss the myriad of ways in which love is expressed thorugh sex. We are all humans and we are all sexual humans. That won’t go away. And confining it is like trying to confine a volcanoe. It's going to erupt someday, and you can't stop it.

Wake up George, SEX is in the house and always has been, and …'s in the white house, too….


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