Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The GWB thinks deeply on yet another issue---how can he save companies from asbestos litigation?????

"A federal grand jury here indicted W.R. Grace & Co. and seven current and former company officials Monday on charges of conspiring to hide from employees, their families and the public that ore mined near Libby, Mont., was contaminated with a toxic form of asbestos. "The Story, HERE
from the WhiteHouse...."The President Participates in Asbestos Litigation Conversation"
".......And finally, we're here to talk about asbestos lawsuits. We got a problem. The Supreme Court recognized it as a problem. They said it is a huge mass of -- huge mass of asbestos cases defies customary judicial administration and calls for national legislation. That's a better -- it's better that they define it than me. After all, these are all lawyers and judges; I'm not.(medbh note--but you are the f**ing president) But when they say -- the Supreme Court says we have a national problem, I think Congress needs to listen. And why is it a national problem?
Well, first of all, we spend about $80 billion on asbestos litigation, and that could end up being $200 billion over time.(medbh note--dude, GOOD guess!) Secondly, these asbestos suits have bankrupted a lot of companies, and that affects the workers here in Michigan and around the country. Thirdly, those with no major medal {sic} impairment now make up the vast majority of claims, while those who are truly sick are denied their day in court. We'll hear a little bit about that -- we'll hear more about that a little bit later. _(mn..-make up your mind..)
It's a -- most of the asbestos producers are now bankrupt so that lawyers target companies once considered too small to sue, or once considered to be not really directly involved with the manufacturing of asbestos. Because there's nobody else to sue, they try to drag in people that aren't directly involved with the manufacturing of asbestos. We'll hear about what that means here, as well."
Several years ago, I had a friend who was inordinately happy and healthy. He watched everything that he ate, lifted weights, participated in all types of sports.
He stopped over one day, very excited. He had found a job that paid a lot of money, and he was able to travel around. It was with a company that repainted, refinished, something like that, the concrete floors of huge buildings, ware houses, whatever. He was able to travel up and down the East coast, refinishing the floors of various company's buildings. Well, if it made him happy, and it did, then I was happy for him.

He was dead in less than two years. It seems that some of the paints used for the concrete floors had particles in them that got stuck in human lungs. No-one knew of the dangers, and so the crew my friend worked with never wore masks, while working. And then they began to get sick

Some of the other guys got sick before my friend, and the company that they worked for went bankrupt, quickly. My friend tried to sue the paint manufacturers, but they went bankrupt. There was no company left that could be held liable for his deadly illness. He became sicker with each day. He couldn't breathe. No malignancies, which GWB states are the only real and true measure of asbestos poisoning, like he would actually know. Just articles floating in his lung tissue, destroying his ability to breathe.

Despite several different attempts to rid my friend's lungs of the particles, the doctors finally gave up. So then my friend took a rope and went into the woods near his home and hung himself. He was 32.
But hey, the GWB knows all, now doesn't he?


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