Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Pentagon says Veteran's benefits hurtful to National Security

Need I make the connection to the increase in the death benefit that Bush will propose? Clicked from Blondesense. More thoughts
Perhaps someone should inform the Pentagon that soldiers made of tin and plastic are only toys. Flesh and blood human soldiers, require a bit more care, sustenance, and medical attention. I feel a letter coming on.

--around Thanksgiving, I was astounded by a fact that was making the news. There were over 100,000 homeless Iraq War Vets. 100,000. Seeing as how well over ten thousand have been injured in less than two years, and that soldiers who commit suicide--another hidden fact---are not counted in the total number of casualties, it is unbelievable,--but then again, maybe not--that any cut of veterans' benefits would be considered. This administration's arrogance is thoroughly repulsive--


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