Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Was he a Wired Liar?

FAIR is reporting that the NY Times killed a story that might have prevented Bush from being re-elected. Remember the wire chatter? It was obvious that he had something attached to his back area. Click on the link below, to check out what Mother Jones reports on this issue.They have numerous pics of the snake hump in question, also. The Bush camp claimed that it was a "poorly tailored shirt." Well, they lie through their teeth, and through major orifices so much, that it was probably easy to come up with that lame excuse. Although, aside from thinking that the American public is both dimwitted and half blind, that particular excuse makes Bush and his crowd seem pretty white trash, to me, at least.
but then, in his crowd--see a few posts below-- maybe that's the norm. We got jeebus, and sum wrinkly clothes, too.
From Mother Jones:
"While the mainstream media for the most part failed to press the matter further, Charles Gibson of ABC's Good Morning America show, in an interview with the president, did ask him for an explanation. Bush replied that the bulge had been the result of a "poorly tailored shirt." Gibson didn't press the matter, and didn't ask about the bulges that were evident during the subsequent debates.
A call to the Bush campaign press office on Oct. 29 elicited the same response: it was a badly tailored shirt. "

Could the fact that he wore what was obviously some type of device, at each debate, change things now? It can't hurt to try and see if it would, right! Write letters! I will have some up soon in medbhletters. Tell your congressmen and senators that you want an investigation into why this story was not published, when it very well could have helped to turn the election.

Even more importantly, though, WHY is our media afraid, if that is the reason, to report anything negative about GWB? Why, they went after Clinton with a vengeance, because he had sex, or semi sex, or whatever! GWB can start pre-emptive wars, dismantle social security, threaten other countries with bloody freedom..AND NO_ONE challenges him... WHY?

not even the Kerry camp challenged him on the "snakes." WHY?

His speeches are so bogus, so full of inane rhetoric, and yet every major newspaper I read swallows up that crap. WHY? Demand an investigation into the wiring. We have to force our media to give back the money they've been taking.........Either that, or help them to stand up to what ever is causing them so much fear..Read below.

from Mother Jones..

"Nelson says that for several weeks he has tried to interest the major media outlets in photos he had worked on from the first debate, to no avail.
He says he offered the photos at no charge to the Los Angeles Times, which "sat on them for four days" and never returned his phone call. He claims he also offered them to the New York Times, "and they promised a story which was ready to go last Thursday when it was yanked at the last minute by higher ups." Finally, he says he offered his photos of the first debate to the Washington Post. Assistant Managing Editor Bob Woodward, he says, called him personally. "He said it would take too long for him to clear these images with his editors and he encouraged me to go to Salon."
"I'm just really ticked that editors are saying they have to know what it is before they'll ask the White House about it," says Nelson. "That's way too high a threshold for pursuing this story."
Jeffrey Klein, a former Mother Jones editor, says, "The current fear factor among American political reporters is greater than anything I've ever witnessed. Having spoken with more than a dozen journalists, I've heard a variety of excuses for why they won't or can't pursue this story. The excuses range from 'Kerry isn't making an issue of this so how can I?' (Time magazine) to 'The paper has clamped down on anti-Bush stories. Nothing about the bulge is going to run here before the election.' (The Wall Street Journal).

Why are they afraid?


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Thank you for posting this very important story.

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Could Bush be just a puppet like in the Manchurian Candidate?

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