Friday, February 04, 2005

What I Heard About Iraq
......."On 11 September 2001, six hours after the attacks, I heard that Donald Rumsfeld said that it might be an opportunity to ‘hit’ Iraq. I heard that he said: ‘Go massive. Sweep it all up. Things related and not.’

......"I heard that Condoleezza Rice asked: ‘How do you capitalise on these opportunities?’

......."I heard that on 17 September the president signed a document marked top secret that directed the Pentagon to begin planning for the invasion and that, some months later, he secretly and illegally diverted $700 million approved by Congress for operations in Afghanistan into preparing for the new battle front.

......."In February 2002, I heard that an unnamed ‘senior military commander’ said: ‘We are moving military and intelligence personnel and resources out of Afghanistan to get ready for a future war in Iraq.’---is that why there are suddenly reports that the US may pull 15,000 troops out of Iraq? So that we can then use them to invade Iran? Why would the military right now be requesting to extend the two year active duty requirements of the National Guard, to possibly four years, if we are sending 15,000 troops home, and not somewhere else? Where are those 15,000 troops going? Why is there a request in to extend the length of a National Guard person's active duty? The insurgents pulled 14 Iraqi troops out of a van today, shot dead 12 of them, and sent the remaining two to warn others not to join. Who is kidding who about the capability of the ING? Over half of the population of Iraq is under the age of 18. How old are these so easily overwhelmed Iraqi guardsmen?

........."I heard that Saddam Hussein, in solitary confinement, was spending his time writing poetry, reading the Koran, eating cookies and muffins, and taking care of some bushes and shrubs. I heard that he had placed a circle of white stones around a small plum tree.'
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