Sunday, March 20, 2005

BAck, back, Back, Back, am I back in jersey??--and LET HER DIE!

Flew back here from Central America late Mon nite, and had to be back at work Tuesday morning. Hundreds of emails were awaiting my return. Actually, over a thousand. I tried to check my email and also email posts to blogger from my quadband international cell phone, but, hey, it didn't work as soon as I crossed the border--Nokia 3650's and T-Mobile suck!!! This is my fourth, yes, the fourth replacement Nokia 3650 in less than one year. And T-Mobile will not upgrade it, and their customer service staff are incompetent and lie. At least, the ones that I have spoken to. So, all of my plans for keeping up with blogger and emails were shot to crap. Thanks, T-Mobile.

Aside from my stupid problems, I cannot believe that not only has nothing changed on the political front, it seems to have gotten worse. I was traveling in somewhat remote areas, and keeping very long, active days, so when I did get a chance to hit an internet cafe, it was infrequent, and not for very long. Oh, yeah, and everything was in Spanish, which I should have brushed up on before I left... Did you know that on Spanish keyboards, that to get the @ sign, you have to hit and hold, the 6, 4, and ctrl key? Neither did I, and it took a long, long time for me to find that out.

The first time that I managed to check the world news on yahoo, I saw that a suicide bomber had blown up not only himself, but over one hundred other people. I literally got sick, logged off, and walked around in the cool night air of the Guatemalan mountains for awhile.

Nothing had changed.
The next time I was able to hit an Internet cafe, I saw that the Italian journalist had been freed, and that the Italian man with her had been shot dead by Americans at a checkpoint. Since I was traveling with a very small group of people who came from all over the world, including two Italians from Verona, well, that news made me quite uncomfortable for awhile. I was the only American in the group. And it wasn't that anyone in our little group made me uncomfortable, it was just.... why? We shouldn't even be in Iraq, and why are there still checkpoint disasters and the killing of innocent people at them? Nothing had changed.

I didn't log back on until I made it back to jersey.
Nothing has changed. And much has changed. More and more people are becoming active in the anti-war movement. My inbox is deluged with petition requests, not just antiwar and impeach that bastard chimp ones, but petitions to free political prisoners from all over the world.
I apologize for not posting sooner, since my return to the states, but I have been busy putting my name to these petitions, and they will soon be up on medbhletters, for you to add yours.

One news blip that seems to be everywhere is the Schiavo case. Probably I have her name spelled wrong, but I doubt that she will care. LET HER DIE!
WTF!!! GWB/CONGRESS/FUNDAMENTALISTS--they will let thousands upon thousands of people die so that Imperial George can be king of the world and of all oil, everywhere, but this woman they want to save? This woman whose bankrupt husband states that she never wanted to live in a vegetative state...this woman's life should be preserved at all costs? She is all over the American news.
I wonder how the little Iraqi boy with the blown off arms feels about this piece of American news? I wonder how the relatives of all of the people who have died in Imperial George's oil war feel regarding this news onslaught about Ms. Schiavo?
How skewed is this?


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