Thursday, March 24, 2005

BAck From IRAQ--and out on the streets

What are the reasons that drive groups like CODEPINK to hold week long vigils and tirelessly advocate for the end of the OIL war?
"Back from Iraq and out on the streets" is one reason. A reason that is, like the coffins at Dover Air Force Base, not allowed to be seen and not reported. But, bloggers can send this info out into the world. Tired of hearing about the "democracy" that the US delivered to Iraq? Tired of the spin from WMD's to votes and purple fingers? The reality appears much different from the spin.

Back from Iraq - and suddenly out on the streets by Alexandra Marks, The Christian Science Monitor February 8th, 2005
Female GIs report rapes in Iraq war--this article is over a yera old--the rapes have only multiplied since. Where do you go for saftey, to heal, when you are raped in Iraq, by fellow soldiers?

The Ground Truth-The Human Cost of War
Operation truth--reports from the people who served in Iraq

and of course, electronic iraq continues to tell the oil war from the eyes of the Iraqi people.


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