Sunday, March 20, 2005

Bring Home Our Troops

Finally, a ribbon I would actually buy. According to their site, these BLUE ribbons help to support non-profit organizations, including the Veterans for Peace organization, and the Iraq Vets Against the War.
From the Blue Ribbon site:
The Blue Ribbon
Like the majority of citizens in this country we feel the most appropriate way to support our troops is to bring them home as soon as possible. Our troops should be out of harms way back in the United States with their families. The death of American forces should and can be avoided.

Our vision is to create awareness that there is a majority of people in this country who support the idea and find it patriotic that our troops come home as soon as possible. We need a clear vision for the future of how and when our troops will come home.

We're trying to get back to the original meaning of the yellow ribbon which originally was an effort to show that we want our loved ones home and that we are waiting for their safe return. The Yellow Ribbon was never intended to advocate, support and promote a war effort.

Who We Support
We support non-profit veterans organizations by donating a portion of our proceeds to them. Organizations we support include Veterans for Peace and IVAW.

Click on BRING HOME OUR TROOPS for more details.

And yes, we need to acknowledge support for the citizens of the countries that we have invaded, also. More on that issue, soon. For right now, I think it is a powerful statement that the masses of yellow ribbons slapped on cars all over America may soon change their color to blue.


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