Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Eostre is over now, but

....wrote this while deep in memories, this past sat night...

So, it is midnight, or around there, and I have finally finished making up Eostre baskets for my two adult daughters. Poor things, they have suffered, having a mom like me. As children and teens, every Eostre, they woke up to find not chocolate bunnies, eggs and sugar filled jelly beans in their baskets, but rather--carob bunnies, yogurt covered raisins, fruit, sesame seed and honey bars, hair ribbons, rolled up dollar bills inside a plastic egg, apple chips, and yogurt and carob nut chunks.
And we did not go to the catholic church on easter sunday. I did not make them hold their speech for the three hours between noon and 3pm, on good friday, nor make them kneel for hours on the preceding Thursday, in a catholic church that hates women, as I kneeled, when a young catholic girl..
I also refused to acclimate them to sugar filled junk that would ruin their teeth, their bodies, and their beautiful minds. I refused to acclimate them to a religion that would poison their beautiful female souls. I explained about the essence of spirit to them. About the importance of being a "good" human. Of helping others, cause, that is the essence of life itself. I told them why I would not go to christmas midnight mass, nor easter sunday mass, nor any service that had anything to do with a religion that made them, as women, less than anyone else in this world. If they wanted to go to any mass, well, their grandmom or aunts would surely take them, the daughters of the heathen mother.
Not being a regular religious soul never prevented me from celebrating the religious holidays, though. I loved having family over on those days. After all, the christian holidays were established on Pagan holidays. So, yeah, let's have fun and be happy!
I loved those daughters so much, and still do. Tomorrow, I will give them their "Eostre" baskets, full of healthy snacks. They will cry "oh no, I can't believe you did this!" They will relate to their boyfriends how they spent every Eostre w/o the usual snacks and chocolate. And of thier lack of doritos, chips, sodas, ice cream, and all of the other useless foods that thier friends had and that they envied.
And I will watch as those young men look adoringly at my beautiful daughters, with their beautiful, clear skin, white teeth, clear sparkling eyes, luxuriant hair and healthy, perfect bodies.
Goddess Bless to all. Thank you Eostre, for your gifts.


Blogger PaxRomano said...

and your posting only proves what a wonderful mother you were and are. Your girls are very lucky to have you and I am very lucky to have you as a friend.

9:53 PM  
Blogger Medbh said...

and I, you. Gracias for your kind words, amigo.

3:02 PM  

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