Thursday, March 31, 2005

Free Maggie from the treadmill--or, why elephants DO NOT belong in Alaska

This bit o' news is sad. A lone and lonely female elephant caged in an Anchorage, Alaska zoo, has been deemed too voluptuous, even by elephant standards, so, the chicka has to get on the treadmill.
Yup, a kind soul built a special treadmill for Maggie, but even so, her extra bulk is creating controversy. And rightly so. Seems that Maggie doesn't like to move during the cold Alaska winters. And she is all by herself, no other pachyderms to pal around with, no chicka's to nose nudge and gossip with. So, she eats. Jeez, sticking the elephant in the Alaskan zoo has made a lonely American woman out of her!
Ditch the treadmill, and send Mags to a nice warm area with like souls. Elephants don't belong in Alaska.


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