Friday, March 25, 2005

Mars, Chiron, Aquarius, and Iraq

Mars, Chiron, and Iraq--an Astrological perspective.
The above link is to an interesting article by Eric Frances about the effects of having both Mars --the planet of War, and Chiron--the Wounded healer, in the planet of Aquarius. Mars has two year cycles. Mars traveled into the sign of Aquarius on March 20th. The article touches on the recent shooting of the Italian journalist's car by American soldiers at a checkpoint, and discusses events from previous Mars/Chiron conjunctions. It's a fascinating read.

The beginning of the article is here:
"HARD TO BELIEVE it's now been two years of nonstop, escalating war in Iraq. Two years is one Mars cycle, and about once per cycle, Mars makes a conjunction to slower-moving Chiron. There was a conjunction in 2003 just following the invasion of Iraq, covered in Planet Waves Weekly in the article, 'Taking a Ride on Mars Conjunct Chiron', in which we observed the obvious disaster that was to come. Today, many factors, some astrological and some mundane, suggest that the Iraq policy, as it is euphemistically called, is falling apart......"


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