Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A NEW ROLE FOR the BUSH BARBIE --------Laura Bush the Peacemaker, w/ the Buster Buster in tow...

Laura Bush went to Afghanistan for a whole five hours. Yep, she flew, using how many taxpayers dollars, so that she could demonstrate "solidarity" with the women of Afghanistan. Uhuh. Solidarity. Laura, that great champion of woman's rights.......Everywhere......, she ate with some of the soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, too. Then she hauled ass out of there and back to her White House bedroom and a nice cuppa..something very strong. Such a patriotic darling, Pickles is.
I think that George held her script until she promised to fly to Afghanistan and show the world that she is, too, an involved First lady. He is down in the polls and needed some good press. He bargained first for a three day trip. She got him down to five hours, after she threatened to show the pics of him and Gannon.You think I am joking? BET.

Yes, there was the promise of a 17 million dollar grant to a US style university and a three million dollar US style elementary school. So, I guess that we should be glad. After all, it's something, crumbs to the starving stuff.

Somehow, though, the time limit of five hours, and the fact that she took the Buster BUSTER, Madge spellings, with her, creates doubts in my mind about strings tied to the grants. Why is the money pledged to US style education? In today's political climate that throws a christian curve to everything. Why wasn't money pledged to any Afghan women's groups ? To Amnesty International's efforts?

And why didn't the American christian, gay bashing women take a stand against, or pledge money to groups fighting against Female Genital Mutilation? FGM is very prevalent in Muslim countries. A recent German poll relayed that 60-70% of women in Iraq are victims of FMG. Why didn't she express concern over the child kidnappings in Afghanistan?

Five hours and here's some moolah to further American interests is just not enough to be "solidaritized", from my pov. But then, I don't expect anything from our current first lady, except that blank stare. And this quote from spellings show just well-informed on women's rights and conditions in third world countires these two dolts are: "Spellings told reporters that Bush has heard "gut-wrenching" stories that Afghan women have shared with Americans who have visited, including Spellings. "They've been abused by the Taliban, by sometimes their families, their husbands," Spellings said."

Amnesty International and the Feminist Majority ave been trying help the women and children of Afghanistan for years. See a few posts below for ways in which you can assist their efforts.


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