Monday, March 28, 2005

When will the Catholic Church give up the ghost?

When will they dissipate their wealth, and retreat back into the hate filled bog they sprang from? How many sexual abuse suit settlements will it take before the Catholic Empire is drained and goes the way of all empires? I can't wait for them to die off. The catholic church preaches self-hate, hate, ignorance, arrogance and prejudice.
Diocese of San Diego denies Catholic funeral rites to GAY bar owner This one is so ridiculous, and so biased, I can't think of a response, except, well, why does God hate bar owners?

And what of this ignorant response to the Brazilian government's responsible approach to that country's numerous unwanted pregnancies, the poverty that accompanies them, as well as rampant AID's and SID cases? A better approach would be abstinence, I assume? Perhaps the cc would be better off running an abstinence program for their priests.

Brazil has launched a new family planning program that distributes free contraceptives through the country's 6,012 hospitals and 63,662 clinics, angering Brazil's Roman Catholic Church. From the article----"Bishop Rafael Liano Cifuentes denounced the new program, saying that it will promote the sexual perversion of teenagers, which means prostitution. "He said" It’s like telling teenage girls, go out and enjoy an active sex life for the government will guarantee that you won’t get pregnant,” reports the Associated Press.--------

Scuze me? Promote the sexual perversion of teenagers? Like the cc hasn't already done that? Plus, can't you read, Bishop? This program will give free contraceptives to ALL women who request them, not just teenagers. And, why do you have only Nubile teens in mind when writing about contraceptives, Bishop?? Mmm?
Won't free contraceptives also affect the rate of mothers who die in childbirth because of the lack of adequate prenatal care? Won't giving WOMEN the power over their own bodies help enable them to get out of the pregnancy/ child/poverty/child/greater poverty cycle, that grips the entire family? HOW ARROGANT of the cc to condemn Free birth control for impoverished women. Haven't we all suffered under the misogynistic theories of the cc for long enough?

And, so what if teenage girls experiment with sex and do not have to risk getting pregnant? Good! Maybe if teenage girls can safely experiment with sex, they will gain a better understanding of their bodies, of their sexuality, and of what they want from a relationship. That should make for a much happier woman, which would bode well for the prospects of a happier future family. Perhaps a happier WORLD. Sturm and drang is on it's way out, buddy. Yep, bishop, maybe you and the cc should be running scared. As you GUYS have already experienced, when women get control over their own bodies, they stop subscribing to your blockheaded theories. GO Goddess!


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