Sunday, April 17, 2005

Because it's Sunday---God Loves Nascar........or, I went round the track with Jesus..

When you think it couldn't get any weirder, it does.....

------In fact, America’s number one spectator sport—with 75 million fans coast to coast— is a growing community of faith. The most prominent figures in the sport display their faith as proudly as they do their corporate logos.
For the unsuspecting (or neophyte) Nascar fan, stepping onto the speedway may provide a glimpse of what faith looks like in the workplace, even an asphalt one.
Veteran driver Michael Waltrip is one of the most outspoken Christians in his sport. Despite Nascar’s heavy reliance on corporate sponsorship, Waltrip unabashedly carries his faith on and off the racetrack. “If you want to sponsor my car, you’re going to get the whole me, and a part of me is my faith in Jesus,” he says.....

The NASCAR congregation
That drivers like Waltrip have such a missionary zeal is no accident.
“Nascar is another community, another workplace... and any workplace is a mission field. If you want to call us missionaries, sure— but we’re here amongst our friends. For us, it’s an opportunity for us to help our friends,” says Billy Mauldin, president of Motor Racing Outreach, a ministry based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The ministry spends nearly $ 2 million annually to spread the gospel message to spectators and fans ---More

and, Blondesense has the latest dibs on fun w/Jesus....


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