Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bryan Barton caught an illegal alien and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."

And on the other side of the country, a bunch of like-minded people who gave thier group a name pulled from the Revolutionary War, Bryan Barton being a member of that group, are intently preventing other people desperately looking for a better life, from illegally crossing the US border....

---Authorities said no charges would be filed against the Minuteman Project members involved, but one of the three volunteers was dropped from the project Friday. Organizers said Bryan Barton violated the group's rules by giving the man food and $20 and posing for a picture with him and a T-shirt that read: "Bryan Barton caught an illegal alien and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." --- click the blue link for the story, and here, for more info on Bryan Barton, from JesusGeneral

I went to the official Minuteman Project site, for thier side of this story, and they have this posted about the MM who degraded the person in the above pic.
"Thursday, April 7th. Minuteman dismissed over sharing bowl of cereal with illegal alien. Cleared of wrongdoing, but violated procedures. See related news release. "

"Cleared of wrongdoing? "Sharing" a bowl of cereal with illegal alien while on a "citizen initiated" border patrol?
If all Barton did was to share a bowl of cereal with a tired and hungry illegal immigrant, then where did the slogan ready t-shirt come from, and the camera, and well, the bowl of cereal?
Here is a bit from thier April 4th newsflash--"Earlier this weekend, an illegal alien from Guatemala stumbled into the bible camp where the MMP is operating. He inadvertently wandered into the hornets' nest, but it turned out to be his lucky day. " The MMP operates out of a bible camp?

I clicked onto one of the MMP's sites, the Civil Homeland Defense Organization---It is way right of right--they actually think Bush is too liberal, and of course there also were the prerequisite religious fundalmentalist links in their sidebar, as well as extreme right organizations, all focused on the ruination of the US by illegal immigrants who are not white. As their illegal or legal immigrant ancestors were. Wheaties, bible camp, homeland defense; I started to feel even worse for the illegal immigrants.
While I am not trying to minimize the problem of illegal immigration, it does bring to light difficult issues, such as poverty in third world countries, and especially the safety of those attempting to cross the border, but the MMP is certainly not the answer to those problems and issues. Their bias and wannabe military pose is obvious. Their links are even more disturbing.

Their choice of name, MinuteMan Project, well, it is a faux military name pulled from the Revolutionary War, and designed to give them a sense of importance and a connection to fighting for the ideas on which America was founded. Except their use of that name doesn't quite fit in with the aims of their organization. The original MinuteMen were fighting for FREEDOM from an imperialist OPPRESSOR. Maybe they should have called their group the RedCoats Project. It would have been more fitting.

Anyway, I dubbed the MMP--MORE MORON PEOPLE ....I hope that they are shutdown, soon.


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