Monday, April 18, 2005

Call someone else

The U.S. Culture of Life just adores The Culture of Death. And this past week, it's skeletal appendages punctured my NJ insulation to it's ongoing push into mainstream America, a bit more.

I went to lunch with a new coworker, a young woman. She has a BA, no children, married. A bit into the lunch, she began to speak of her church and the rapture....At the mention of the word, rapture, my head must have spun around a bit, or maybe my face turned sickly green, because the other woman having lunch with us looked at me with alarm in her eyes.

She knows my views on organized religion. It is the origin of all prejudice, among it's other racist, sexist, domination/subjugation, money hoarding, power brokering, criminal, attributes. And all in the name of the lord, the male god....

The above logo is from a sight that is affiliated with some of our current government officials. The ones in power. Power over your life and mine. They want church and state in bed together. It already is in the same house, and is right now walking upstairs to find that comfy bed.

Cultish organized religion ideology, the same type that won over so many potential Sung Yung Moon supporters, has spread from Jesusland, has been in White House land for several years, and is now working it's way into our East coast cities. It's not a fringe anymore.
It has managed to gloss over a war, is actively condoning and gathering support for a second invasion, it has control of our media, funds our government officials, and is actively seeking our youth.
We need to work to end it's burgeoning power, now. Humanity has been through this before, the deadly collusion of church and state.

In 2005, it is hard to imagine the power of the medieval Catholic Church--but, it HAD IT. It held Inquisitions and horribly tortured and killed people, it invaded the lands of those who had a difference in theological opinion and practice, and murdered thousands--the Cathers of Southern France were brutally "extinguished," among others. It is the origin of the current Muslim/Christian killing field in the Middle East. It had control of numerous countries military power, and used that in pursuit of it's monetary and power broking goals.

What is occurring in the U.S. 's religious right faction is a prelude to that type of religious power. How else could you have the power to invade a country that never agressed to your country, just because the powerbrokers wanted it's assets? Bush called the War, he is a born again christian, and he was elected through the money and efforts of the religious right. But isn't he backed by the Neo-cons? Yes, but it is difficult to distinguish the religious right factions from the corporate factions, because the religious institutions ARE corporations. Their goals are the same, only the packaging is different. Is there such a thing as a Left-wing Neo-con? Religious right corporations use their cult control to double speak government actions to their congregations. Hate is wrong, according to christian theory, but hate against certain types of people is right, if it is beneficial to the tri headed religious government corporation.

Separation of Church and State MUST occur, and soon. Before those who oppose a theocratic government, are in the minority. As dramatic as it may seem to American eyes, one day people who dissent from the co-mingled church and state regime could be dropped out of airplanes, like they were a few years ago, in Argentina.

The current mix of religion and government in Argentina is being hotly debated due to the reference a Catholic military chaplain made, suggesting that abortion supporters be thrown out of planes into the sea. Let's save the fetus, but kill the people. Never mind that the Catholic Church's forbiddance of the use of birth control is why so many women have to seek abortions. His callous reference to the deaths illustrated above is mindboggling, especially when those words are coming from the mouth of a representative of 'god." But his words are not very different from what we hear in the U.S.
Sanctioning one form of killing as opposed to others has always been an instrument of fear based religions and governments. The contradiction between the precepts of a faith and what is espoused and condoned by it's followers is both hypocritical, illogical, and dangerous to humanity.
As a priest explained to one of the Argentinean officers assigned to throw the dissidents out of the plane, because they were drugged before being dropped into the Atlantic Ocean, "it was a Christian death."
Here is a bit more on how the "Christian deaths were carried out :
--A poem smuggled out of the death camp, written by victim Ana Maria Ponce, was read during today's ceremony. The young woman, a personal friend of President Kirchner during the 70s, was never seen alive again.
She was probably taken to the nearby Aeroparque city airport (the Buenos Aires equivalent of Gatwick airport), from which the secret "death flights" carrying ESMA captives took off twice weekly.
The victims were injected with a strong tranquilliser and thrown alive into the freezing waters of the South Atlantic Ocean, often with their stomachs slit open to ensure they sank quickly and that their bodies did not wash up on Argentina's beaches, as happened in the early days of the dictatorship.---

And in the words of a man who was a young officer in Argentina at that time:
" Scilingo shoved thirty individuals to their death: thirteen on the first flight, seventeen on the second. Among them was a sixty-five-year-old man, a sixteen-year-old boy, and two pregnant women in their early twenties. On his first flight, Scilingo slipped and nearly fell out of the plane with a prisoner who was struggling and would not let go. He survived only because a comrade grabbed him and pulled back.

"It's a recurring nightmare," he testified, "one I'll have for the rest of my life." He is still tormented by "the heavy scrape and jangle of [the prisoners'] chains and shackles ... the clothing left strewn on the floor of the plane after the 'cargo' was dropped."

On the return flight no one said a world; back at the ESMA, Scilingo drank himself into a long, deep sleep and then went to confession, where he was immediately absolved. "It was a Christian form of death," the priest assured him and, bastardizing a parable from Matthew 13:24, explained that subversives were the weeds sown by the enemy among the wheat. The tares had to be burned, so the wheat could be gathered into the barn. "And that," said Scilingo, "is how we were taught to save Western, Christian civilization from the Red terror."
Oh, boy, the government is saving that christian civilization---how many times have our U.S. ears heard that phrase???
Argentina is not that far away.
The absolutely bizarre and inhumane, sexist and racist thought patterns and statements of many of our religious leaders in the U.S. today, are no different than the Argentine Bishop's. Religion by itself causes enough grief to normal human beings, but, mixed with the government, it turns into a rabid destroyer of human rights , free thought, and of humanity itself.
For more info on the blending of church and state, click HERE


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