Monday, April 11, 2005

Checkpoint Killings--how many have occurred? This week, you can help to stop the funding that keeps the US in Iraq, and these incidents from occurring

Family members mourn the death of three relatives: a father, his teenage son, and a male relative - who were shot and killed by U.S. Marines after their car allegedly did not stop while passing a building occupied by U.S. Marines. The victims' relatives were awaiting their return, and did not know about the incident until relatives towed the car, containing the three bodies, to the family's home. (Photo: AP/Carolyn Cole) This photo and story above, is from 2003.

Does the above story have a by now familiar ring to it?
Innocent people being shot by American troops at dangerous checkpoints.

Two years later, the killing of innocent civilians continues. Many people and organizations have tried to shed light on the casualties, all of the hidden casualties, of the Iraq War, these past two years. They have pressured our government to get out of Iraq.
Iraq body count..... is one of those organizations. You can find many more in the sidebar of this blog.

Help them to stop any more funding for this war. Tell your Senators you want the money pipeline shut down. It has cost over $160,000,000,000 in dollars. And in lives, so much more.


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