Thursday, April 14, 2005

Debt Slavery-- what America is being pushed into

The PDA and other organizations are fighting against the latest assault on the American Public. This time it isn't against your civil rights. It's going for your money....

You may not have heard yet about the "Credit Card Protection Bill." The news media doesn't even have it squeezed in between the latest news on Brad and Angie, and Britney's pregnancy. But the Senate has already passed this bill, and it needs to be stopped in the House.

When the Senate passed this bill, it rejected a dozen crucial changes to make the bill humane- such as exemptions for serious medical problems, exemptions for those in the military, an interest rate limit of 30%, protecting the homes of the elderly, and comparably strict treatment of those who are rich. WHY DID THEY REJECT THOSE CHANGES??????
Thankfully, someone has been watching the people elected to watch out for our interests! The Bankruptcy Bill will put credit card companies--some with rates as high as thirty percent. The bill ignores the fact that it is BUSINESSES that go bankrupt that have the biggest losses. Individuals go bankrupt because of medical bills due to sick children, and a job that doesn't provide health insurance. Mortgages, cars, car insurance, taxes; the cost of living is extremely high.
One small thing can put a lot of families under water and drowning in debt. We work to provide a life for our families, and wind up spending our lives paying outrageous bills. And credit card companies are having a field day. Go ahead, be late with your payment once, then be late twice, and you'll will be paying up to 30% interest. Did you BUY an extra 30% worth of goods? No.
Oh, and it is Republicans who are pushing this bill through. The business and banks behind this bill will surely appreciate their efforts.
For more info, go to DebtSlavery. To stop the Credit Card Protection Bill, go HERE, and HERE!!


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