Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Hey, guess what? The Pope is Dead. And, if you live in Fla, or, are just visiting, don't piss anyone off, or you may be too

Maybe that is an exaggeration, but then depending on the circumstances you find yourself caught up in, maybe NOT. A new bill called the "Stand Your Ground" bill was recently passed, 94-20, by the Fla. House of Representatives, and is on it's way to Jeb Bush for him to ink his nombre on. And it appears that he will. "This is about meeting force with force," said House sponsor Republican state Rep. Dennis Baxley of Ocala. "If I'm attacked, I should not have to retreat."
I didn't know that repugs were cowboys at heart. Dang, I'm not visiting sunny Florida anytime soon. Not until I find my Sally Starr original cow girl gun holster. Maybe it will help, maybe it won't, but at least the repuglican thugs I come across will know I will shoot first and ask questions later. And unfortunately, a lot of Floridians will be doing exactly the same thing.


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