Monday, April 11, 2005

If the US is pulling out of Iraq in the near future, as some US news stories suggest, then why are these men in our High Schools?????

They're Talking Up Arms
Military recruiters are fortifying their outposts at high schools, hoping a chummy familiarity will entice students to enlist.

---"Marine Sgt. Rick Carloss is as familiar to students as some teachers at Downey High School. He does push-ups with students during PE classes and plays in faculty basketball games. During lunch, he hands out key chains, T-shirts and posters that proclaim: "Think of Me As Your New Guidance Counselor." On a recent morning, Carloss drove his silver 1996 Mercedes-Benz from his recruiting station to the school two blocks away. A parking attendant waved him into the lot, saying, "Hi, dear." ----
For the rest of this disturbing story, click here.
This story relates how the No Child Left Behind Act opened the door for military recruiters in high schools, the methods used by them to entice 17 year olds to enlist, and just how they are targeting schools to get the most Bang for thier Buck...

And, from the Daily Mirror, this story--US is in Iraq until 2009-------FOUR more years, at least---your eighth grader will be 17 in four years----And you can bet, Sgt. Carloss will be around then, driving in his Benz to his latest target, looking for him and her.....

Daily Mirror story hit from Daily WAR NEWS


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