Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Isn't it TIME, for a Department of PEACE?

I often wonder where our major newspapers get their stories from. How is whether the holy smoke is black or white more important than the ravages of the Darfur region? How can they continue to report that the "situation" in Iraq is settling down, when this brief look proves otherwise.
Just today:
a "number" of US soldiers were wounded and a military personnel carrier was destroyed in a car bomb attack on the highway east of the city of Rutba on Sunday.
Seven people were kidnapped
A us. Soldier was killed by an IED
five Iraqis and foreigners were killed

Just yesterday:
13 Iraqis were killed by bombs
three US soldiers were killed, and seven injured.
Unknown amounts were injured

Five journalists have been killed in the past four days.
Iraqi police/military deaths since 2005 began:
January 2005 109 casualties.
February 2005 103 casualties.
March 2005 200 casualties.
April 2005 108 so far this month.

That is 520 deaths just of Iraqi police, in less than 4 months--the injured have not been counted, and a complete death toll of war dead is not listed here. Think of the devastation and carnage that war has brought to it's human victims. And the War is going well? Settling down? How could any media outlet actually report that?

Even if the U.S. news media ignore the War in Iraq due to political reasons, how is it possible to ignore the ongoing humanitarian crises in Africa, in Asia, in South and Central America? Are they completely desensitized to war? Or are we? Are we so acclimated to a Culture of Violence that we no longer recognize what life is without conflict?

The Culture of Violence spirals outward, sucking in our emotions, our physical and mental health.
The financial cost of our Culture of Violence, a culture that thrives on war, glorifies combatants, and deadens our souls, is staggering. Why is WAR the only way to resolve a conflict? Why is it glorified in our nation? Why is it acceptable at all? Do we know any other way? Are we following an ages old pattern of behavior, both socially and personally?

The U.S. has always had a Department of War. After WWII, the name was changed to the Department of Defense. WHAT has that brought us? A Dept. of War brings us WAR, no matter what it's current name is. This statement is true----War brings Peace, like Hate brings Love---We need to move humaity up a step, to a different mode of thinking.
In our Federal government, we need an opposing body to war, a strong voice for non-violent conflict resolution, a chance for students to earn PEACE scholarships, and a branch of the U.S. government that advocates for PEACE and non-violence, at all levels of our society. We need a way to develop a a Culture of PEACE.

Isn't it time, then, for a
Department of PEACE?

South Jersey has Department of Peace Chapter. We support the bill for a Department of Peace. Join the campaign for PEACE. Our World Needs you to.


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