Wednesday, April 27, 2005

KEEP the DATE---MAY 1st--Rally against the War and for Nuclear Weapons Abolition!

Take a Ride on the Peace Train to NYC with the Peace Coalition, and other groups united together, who are calling for an end to the Iraq War, and for Nuclear Weapons Abolition. Show the government and the world that American citizens are against this unjust war.
Show the children and parents in these photographs from Iraq in Agony (graphic), that you care. Don't let this human devastation be done in our name! What these children have suffered, and what ended these young soldiers lives, was based on a lie, and done in the name of corporate greed. Everyday the news reports the dozens dead and injured from bombs, from slaughters. We have passed the 300 billion mark for money spent on this war for oil greed.

Couldn't that money have been spent on developing alternate fuel resources? George Bush is a financial loser who was saved from bankruptcy by corporations who wanted to attach themselves to his father' s name. Now they have attached themselves to our government. Work to stop it. The people in the Iraq in Agony pictures are real people, suffering under the most inhuman conditions. Keep telling the GWB, the corporations, and the world--Not in Our Name!


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