Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Malignant egophrenia --a psychiatric analysis of what is actually wrong with GWB---send it to his supporters

My friend Pax had an excellent post today. He expressed thoughts that are probably running through a lot of American's minds lately.
How did this right wing mess and god cult come to be? How can adults give up their sense of justice, equality, openmindeness, objective thinking and succumb to the delusional?

I came across some interesting reading material this weekend that sheds a different light on the psychopathy of our current government and it's right wing blind believers.
--Here is an excerpt from one of the articles on the Awaken the Dream site. "The Madness of George W. Bush"--
"By creating more of the very thing he is fighting against, Bush is enacting the repetition compulsion of the traumatized soul. In Bush’s case, it is the repetition compulsion gone awry, to daemonic proportions, getting acted out on the world stage. To quote noted psychologist Rollo May, the daemonic is "any natural function which has the power to take over the whole person [or whole nation]…..the daemonic can be either creative or destructive [i.e, demonic]…..violence is the daemonic gone awry."
The daemonic aspect of the disease develops a certain autonomy and literally possesses the person or group, as it is self-generating, self-perpetuating and self-organizing in nature.. ........For example, Bush, in his delusion, imagines he is divinely guided. His supporters want to believe this to feed their own adolescent fantasies of wanting to have a divinely inspired leader to take care of and protect them. Because of this need they invest, so to speak, in Bush’s delusion, which just confirms to Bush all the more that he indeed is God’s instrument. Bush and his followers are co-dependently and reciprocally feeding and supporting each other’s unconscious narcissistic needs in a truly pathological, and ultimately self-destructive co-dependent relationship....."

Although I rarely venture onto right wing blogs and sites, I just might try posting some of these articles on some. It might help the blind believers to see what spurs their madness, and their leader's madness.
A review of all of the articles in the "GWB Insanity Library" would be a good first step in understanding why they stay sucked into such a fear and hate mongering mode, while professing a devotion to the christ principles.

Maybe it won't do a thing, though, as from what I have read, the responses are very illogical. That is what blares out at me whenever I try for the fair and balanced route, and actually read the articles and postings. How can these people think in such an illogical manner? Perhaps it is much more than just an illogical mind, though. Madness does seem to be the order of the day in America.


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