Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Maybe Microsoftgate will be the keeper!

Well, those of us who have been under attack from this current administration--women, most men, the world, our environment, etc., have been waiting and hoping for the scandal that will finally be THE scandal that brings this unjust, corrupt, cult administration to an end.
Has the straw that broke the mad elephant's back finally occurred?
It wasn't Votergate, WMDgate, Gannongate, Bankruptcygate, Torturegate, but it might be MICROSOFTGATE!
Well, it appears that Microsoft has been paying Ralph Reed--yes, that slim and cherubic looking agent of religious greedy insanity $20,000 a month--(how many poverty stricken people would that feed?), as a retainer. Retainer for what? Click on the Microsoft name above, see the invoices, see Ralph smiling, see that he has been on Microsoft's "retainer" list since the 2000 Bush elections, see, see, see--and hope for the best.

Hallelujah and say a prayer for Microsoftgate!! Amen, Amen, Amen! Now send your contribution to----well, hopefully, not to Ralph Reed, anymore.......


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