Sunday, April 24, 2005

Necessary Sunday reading

This is Rumor Control: When John McCain was in Baghdad with Hilary Clinton and some other Senators a couple of months ago he was implying a decades-long military presence in Iraq.
John Pike: We're never going to leave. Think about it. We're still in Korea and the armistice was signed 53 years ago. There is no coherent explanation for why we are still there apart from the fact that we've been there for a long time. Everybody has become accustomed to our presence, and it's easier for everybody just to roll along with us there than for people to contemplate what the world would look like without us there.

This is Rumor Control: Explain for me why it is necessary for the long stay in Iraq.
John Pike: For at least the next two years, the Iraqi forces are not going to have the capacity to defend their own country. That is why even people opposed to the war who say that [our military presence] is the problem are not calling for "out now". They recognize that if we left, the thing would fly apart. It would be Bosnia, with oil. ---------

The above is an excerpt from RumorControl, from an interview with John Pike, a military and security analyst who runs the highly regarded website Global .
Today in Iraq had this story, and more pertinent info...


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