Sunday, April 03, 2005

Neil Young is recovering..

Guess what, the pope is dead. Has anything else happened in the world the past few days? Well, yes, the latest news is that his body is now on view, and his funeral might be on Friday. . His body was prepped up and he was dressed like a doll, while laid out on a table bordered with a long cream skirt, so that everyone can see what a great job the mortician did.

And well, his successor is more than likely to be his pal, this German fellow, who has a really nasty rap. He wants to take the church back to the good ol days, like, when women knew their place--you cleaned the church and the rectories and gave birth. Sometimes to the priest's kids. And you shut up about it, too. Saves the church a lot of money, and you get a better gold robe when you get to heaven. All women like nice clothes, anyway, right?
Well, enough about the church and what ever bigot they elect to succeed jp2.

Something else did happen in the world over the past few days, and no it wasn't news about mj. Not that American media covered this, but.... it seems that the British media got a hold of a memo written by an American security company operating in Iraq, the Blackwater company. And, it re-iterates what the American Lieutenant General James Mattis, had to say a short while back about shooting people.

That it's fun. Here is the article.
The number of American troops who were hurt in the recent bombing at Abu Ghraib has increased to 44.
And the concocted reason for going to war, the WMD's, is getting lamer by the second.

The Amazon has become a source of newly discovered species, thousands of them. Although, the only reason that they are being found is because their habitat is being stripped away due to logging.

And, SOME GOOD NEWS! Yeah, Neil Young is recovering from a near fatal brain aneurysm. Wish him well, send healing thoughts his way....


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I am glad Neil is doing better, Rust never sleeps!

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