Thursday, April 07, 2005

No pink slips this time, though--Get in the Pink as an Investment Inspector!

CODEPINK is TAKING ACTION against J.P. Morgan! JOIN THEM!------
Dear Medbh,
On Tuesday, April 12, dress up like an Investment Inspector, make a scene and help stop WAR Profiteer and oil financier JPMorgan Chase from making more INVESTMENTS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!

CODEPINK New York will be joining the Rainforest Action Network (RAN), the Climate Campaign, and the Student Environmental Action Coalition to call on JPMorgan Chase to CLEAN UP ITS DIRTY MONEY!
JPMorgan Chase is the largest U.S. bank operating with no ethical standards for its investment portfolio. It is also the top funder of the U.S. oil industry.

ExxonMobil CEO Lee Raymond sits on its board of directors, and in 2003 the bank won the controversial contract to restructure the Trade Bank of Iraq, paving the way for foreign oil companies to invest safely in the country and making JP Morgan Chase the overseer of the corporate takeover of Iraq. While its competitors Citigroup and Bank of America are taking steps to pull investment dollars from projects that harm communities or damage the environment, JPMorgan Chase continues to recklessly profit from oil extraction and other destructive activities.
Instead of investing in destruction, JPMorgan Chase should be prioritizing investments that support local communities, nourish our environment, and help usher in a sustainable global economy. It’s time to say enough!
Join us on Tuesday, April 12th, the National Day of Action against JPMorgan Chase.
- At 12:30: Put on your trusty pink lab coat and meet us outside JP Morgan Chase Headquarters (270 Park Ave between 46th & 47th).
Join teams of "Investments Inspectors" as we stage a damning Investment Inspection, featuring giant money bags, oversized representations of JPMorgan Chase’s irresponsible investments, and of course, lots of activists decked out in their "inspecting best" (magnifying glasses and Geiger counters provided).
- (URGENT UPDATE: We have a spy on the inside that reports that those feisty Billionaires for Bush are planning a counter protest.)
Sign up to participate and download materials at DirtyMoney


Blogger brant said...

Thanks for helping out! Check out pictures from around the country at (hit reload a couple times).

Also, check out "The Rant", RAN's new foray into the blogosphere.

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